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What we do

Walking The Cow Productions is a music-focused film production company based in Austin, Texas. We specialize in filming live music in various environments. Whether you're looking for an engaging way to promote your venue, band, or music-related product, a full-scale music video, or you simply want to record a live event, our team of videographers, directors of photography (DPs), production assistants, audio engineers, directors, writers, and consultants can help you capture a moment and tell your own story through film. 

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What we also do

Perhaps you're an observer, a student of the world with a thirst for American music and discovering all of the great musical things that are happening across this country. Perhaps you're curious about how we put our skills to work when we're not helping our clients realize their visions. Regardless of what brought you here, we'd love it if you checked out our passion project, "For The Sake of The Song".