Mission Statement

Our goal is to deliver high-end, creative videos that help our clients tell their own stories and capture performances to give them the ability to showcase their creative visions.


With For The Sake of The Song, we seek to discover the different kinds of musicians and music being made in America today without regard for genre, commercial success, critical acclaim, accessibility, or other factors that ultimately limit us from truly taking in our musical heritage as it stand today. We aim to capture our present musical riches not only so that we may better understand ourselves, but for the benefit of our future generations.

We strive to open minds and hearts by providing a humanistic, intimate view of artists from all walks of life, creating all forms of music, and ultimately establishing and reinforcing the notion that music is a means by which we can understand and communicate with each other.  Every culture throughout time has created its own music and sent its own messages; we seek not only to listen to and understand the vastly different music within our own culture, but to strip music of its “exclusive” commerce-driven image and encourage community participation.

Our namesake. We're not affiliated with Daniel Johnston, we just think he's kind of amazing.
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