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Pilot Episode - Series Introduction

Episode One - Manchaca, TX Songwriters' Circle



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Current production status: Episode 1, round two editing.

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 Show Synopsis

With For The Sake of The Song, we seek to discover the different kinds of musicians and music being made in America today without regard for genre, commercial success, critical acclaim, accessibility or other factors that ultimately limit us from truly taking in our own musical heritage as it currently stands. We aim to capture our present musical riches not only so that we may better understand ourselves, but for the benefit of our future generations.

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Contribute to the Mission


If you are interested in participating in the production of For The Sake of The Song, please fill out the short form below with your contact info, skillsets, general availability, and why you're interested in being a part of this production. 


For The Sake of The Song is a completely self-funded project. We do it because we believe that having a greater understanding of the ways in which we communicate and express ourselves makes us all greater, more tolerant, empathetic, and articulate individuals. This is how we're doing our part to make the world a better place. If you'd like to help fund this endeavor, we'd be forever grateful, and your donation will not go unnoticed.  

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